Display and manage Map Document contents in ArcCatalog

Idea created by duri on Mar 9, 2011

    Provide direct access to contents of Map Documents, Layer Files and all native ArcGIS formats in ArcCatalog (Styles, Expressions, etc.). Display inner structure of Map Document in Catalog Tree view with possibility to manage, preview and edit document’s functional parts. Give possibility to simply and freely extract or copy desired items, elements and settings between Map Documents (drag and drop):

    • Data Frames – display Data Frames with detailed group and layer structure with possibility to extract selected Data Frames, Groups or Layers as LYR or create Layer Packages.
    • Layers – display layer’s characteristic properties. Provide copy/match functionality to simply import/export all or specific properties between layers in current or other Map Documents with smooth transition reflecting different source parameters:       
      • Definition Query – show and build query expression,
      • Labels – show label classes, change settings,
      • Source – show data source information with source replacement possibility,
      • Symbology – show layer symbology, change settings,
      • Joins and Relates – list all referenced tables with possibility to open them in their native application or open their destination in ArcCatalog or Windows Explorer.
    • Layouts – display single layout template or multiple data driven pages layout with structured list of used map and graphic elements (like Title, Legend, Scale, etc.).
    • Sources – show workspaces and sources with possibility to replace either whole workspace or specific sources selected. Possibility to open source destination in ArcCatalog, ArcMap or Windows Explorer.
    • Styles – display all styles used in Map Document in classic structure. Changing style generally affects all symbols which use it in the Map Document.


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