Use arcade in dashboard Indicators to perform a math function like sum, on multiple fields for all records in a feature layer

Idea created by joe.segretto_RambollENV on Apr 16, 2020

    With the new ArcGIS Dashboards Beta, arcade is now available, but in a limited way.  When enabling arcade on infographic using the statistic option, the only global variable I have access to is a result of the same operator and field selection in the standard infographic widget.  So If I choose statistic and select SUM on FIELD_1, I get the global variable $datastore[sum_FIELD1].  I need to have access to the globals for all fields FIELD_1, FIELD_2...FIELD_n.  Ideally, I would have access to any statistic on any field in my globals, allowing me to create more versatile expressions in my widget.