Survey123 Allow Photo's To Be Viewed And Added To Sent Surveys

Idea created by JHabel09 on Sep 18, 2019
    • dthompson299
    • david.scholtealbers_utrecht
    • paul.sweeneyTLI
    • carlos_IBAL

    It would be very helpful to be able to view existing photo's and add new photo's to surveys that have already been sent.


    Proposed Workflow

    Existing data gets created by inspectors submitting surveys and assigning work to a contractor. Contractor receives work assigned through the inbox.  The contractor is currently unable to view any photo's taken by the inspector or add new ones.  I am proposing to allow existing photos to be viewable and to be able to add new photo's to a sent survey with ought having to use a repeat.  An editor should be able to tap on the photo and have it expand to the full screen of the device with the ability to zoom and pan around also.