Locators: add URL parameters.  For example, extent, Suggest, others

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Dec 28, 2018
    • kmsagis
    • dewright_ca

    As a feature enhancement request - can the ability to have Locators be modified by URL parameters be added?  For example, tack on &Suggest=False or something, to disable Suggestions.


    Reason I ask, is that I disabled all Suggestions on my Locators for use in the WAB Search widget.  This is because Esri Locators have a documented "ghost address" issue - Composite Locator Not Properly Locating Address Points  geocoder Suggestions list in Search should not contain addresses that don't exist (until the next ArcGIS Pro update).


    Initially I had the Esri Placename locator. And it's great. But it has Suggest. So it was the only one popping up suggestions. Thus I had to remove. Because the WAB Search defaults to search ALL locators.  (because the other locators I had disabled Suggest because of the ghost address issue)


    First, it would be nice to tell WAB to exclude one or more results from the list, as well. Like, tell WAB not to include the Esri locator in the dropdown Search results, unless the user explicitly checks it off. (have checkbox next to each one, the programmer can set whether it searches one, some, or all, by default)  (So, it would search all my locators, i.e. our three in-house locators, but not the Esri Locator, that would've been a good workaround but is not possible until with a simple GUI like I propose and I did not have time to hack this functionality in)


    So the idea for Locators, here in this post, is that we could modify some of a locator service's behaviors, via URL parameters. That would also then allow it to be exposed as a checkbox in WAB as well so you can could Suggest as True or False.  But if it is a simple URL parameter it makes it easier to adapt to all kinds of scenarios.


    In fact I just thought of another good use for URL parameter. I've noticed you can lock a locator to search only in the current Map extent. Well, that's decent. But... let's say a user zooms way out past our county. I want the Esri locator to search only in our county. If we could use a URL parameter to define a max. extent to search within, that would accomplish that. That would be sweet. Either simple envelope or maybe even a polygon. With a proxy a long URL would be possible. But at least an envelope would be neat. 


    (while max map extent can be set, perhaps I'd want to not limit extent, just constrain locator results)