geocoder Suggestions list in Search should not contain addresses that don't exist

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Oct 23, 2018

    Idea proposed: The geocoder Suggestions list in Search should not contain 'ghost' addresses that do not exist. 


    In the auto-complete Suggestion list it provides ‘ghost’ addresses that do not exist and are completely out of range, whether a point locator or centerline locator. 


    A thread that touched on this was...


    Regardless of styles, composite, etc. it applies across the board. Bottom line is, end users find it frustrating that auto-complete will suggest a result, which looks ‘real’, then you click it and it says No Results Found.  It should not Suggest anything that doesn’t exist. If it’s a point locator, it should be an exact match, the same array literally. If it is centerlines it should at least be within a block range. Now, how they accomplish fixing this could be a variety of ways. They could for example do a validation on the backend or the API and remove ‘ghost’ addresses that do not exist out, or simply make the ‘result’ list the array that is also passed to the ‘suggestion’ list. I understand the indexing, looking at various parts of the geocoder, street, unit, house number etc. But I cannot see a business case for suggesting addresses in the Suggest list that don’t exist.


    Ironically, it worked perfect with 10.2 and WAB 1.x for auto complete.  In fact I shoved the WAB 1.x Search widget into WAB 2.1 viewers for a while and it worked great when we had Server 10.2. But when we updated to 10.5.x and 10.6.x it stopped working with the old WAB widget and I had to use the new one that worked with ‘Suggest’.  So, the old auto-complete worked fine. Now, this functionality is problematic. My only thought for an alternative is I’ll turn off autocomplete until it can get fixed. It would be unfortunate because autocomplete is a nice feature.