Location Services with Shortlist - Story Maps

Idea created by blcolson on Sep 26, 2018

    We recently used the shortlist template to build a story map to show case a series of features within out service territory.  We have embedded this within our website, to allow for standard look and feel for the map. 


    The problem is that embedded maps do not allow for the ability to utilize the location services.  As a work around, we added a link on the page to force users to a new tab of the map as a stand-alone application.


    It would be nice to have the embedded story maps be able to utilize the location services within the application.  I am not certain why this is not possible, but it would be nice to figure out to avoid the additional need for another hyperlink.  The settings tell you this is not an option, but I would like to see that fixed.  




    storymap shortlistlocation basedarcgisonline#locate button