Enable File Geodatabase downloads (on Open Data) for ArcGIS for Server feature services.

Idea created by KWright33 on Mar 23, 2018

    Not having the option to download a file geodatabase impacts all users of our Open Data site.  Currently the only option is to download a shape file.


    When you download a shape file you are impeded by size limitations and you lose data integrity because any and all domains associated with the data are lost. 


    I understand that the option of downloading as a file geodatabase is available if we host our data in ArcGIS Online but for our organization that is not a viable option.


    These limitation cause our open data site to be used less than it should be.   We consistently get requests for file geodatabases and end up having to provide the data the old fashioned way - zipped and emailed or via FTP.


    In addition, when we need to acquire data from our partnering communities, data that is used to support several critical systems, we are forced to request file geodatabases from them via zipped email or FTP rather than use their respective Open Data site because shape files do not meet our requirements.  This makes the true impact of this for us two-fold.