Creating a Configurable Chat Widget for the Web Version of Operations Dashboard

Idea created by clrogers on Feb 15, 2018

    In the Windows version of Operations Dashboard there is a great feature/module/widget called the Chat Widget where a designer/developer can add this to a Dashboard Project and then using an XMPP Messaging Server such as OpenFire, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Slack, etc. creating a great communication/collaboration capability within an Operations Dashboard for/between end-users.


    It would be immensely helpful to have such a capability within the Web Version of Operations Dashboard through popular XMPP Servers or as an extended service within GeoEvent server or by creating a GeoCommunications Server product/service to enable teams who use such Operations Dashboards in a real-world, real-time, Command and Control situation to have a way to communicate and collaborate critical events within the Public Safety communities.


    Thanks Derek Law for the feedback I'm hoping this will get some traction within the community and make it to the Operations Dashboard roadmap wish-list for future features.


    Final thought, having this available as a widget/feature within Web App Builder, Workforce, Survey123, Collector, ArcGIS Online, and/or AppStudio would be the cats meow!


    Christopher L. Rogers

    Full Stack Solutions Engineer

    Law Enforcement Program Administrator

    Oklahoma Department of Public Safety