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Click to view contentHi all,   I have created Survey123  to be used for tree inspections, and would like it to automatically send the results as an email. For this I have created a report template and an Integromat workflow to send the report as an attachment.    I am currently having issues when trying to export a feature report from Survey123 whilst using… (Show more)
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Hello, We plan to perform a Survey, using Survey123 on mobile browser, to thousands of surveyors and about 2500-3000 concurrent. The survey is based on ArcGIS Online and possibly ArcGIS Server service and SDE Layer (Hybrid environment) How can we be sure it will work? Is there a way to make a load test? Will it work better using ArcGIS Online… (Show more)
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Click to view contentToday we will explore how you can edit existing records using the Survey123 web app, also known as a web form. The idea is quite simple, we will populate the contents of a Survey123 web form using an existing record from a feature layer and let users update (edit) that information. When working this way, the submit button in the survey will update… (Show more)
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One of the users has 95 completed surveys in the outbox that for an unknown reason cannot be sent, even when the device is connected to the office wi-fi. I filled out a new survey and couldn't send it either. When I hit 'send now' the green circle keeps spinning without sending the survey. Other surveys that were collected on the same device were… (Show more)
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I have several photo forms that I set to Unrestricted back in June.  Someone noticed just ok photos so i looked and it had set itself back to 1280 again.  So I changed it to Unrestricted a second time.   Just got done with field season.  Looking at images and they are small.  Check the settings of the form and yet again it set itself back to… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Click to view contentHello. Can I edit an existing Survey123 connect survey to incorporate the new feature of single-choice grids? As below, it doesn't seem to be showing up for me as a valid entry under the Appearance column? Thanks, Tom     P.S. I'm using the software version below  
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I created a survey using survey123. Then I created a web map with the survey's feature layer. I put that web map into an operations dashboard and I want to show results from the survey. My survey has multiple fields that are just "text" types from the survey. I'd like to hide these fields so that they aren't showing in my dashboard. Is this… (Show more)
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All the instructions I've found so far say that the .csv must be put into the media folder.... So that .csv is only good for a single survey.   Is there any way to force all my surveys to pulldata from a single source?
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Click to view contentHey,    So I have Integromat successfully detecting when a survey is submitted, it then sends the data to create a report, which works great, this setup looks like this:   An email is sent which is fine, but what I am having trouble with is working out how to get the outputted report from the Create Feature Report module, and insert this into… (Show more)
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I have a workflow which require calling Survey123 from Collector.  I currently have a custom URL which opens a Survey123 form when recording a point in Collector.  I created the Survey123 form from the feature service used in Collector using he procedure outlined here: Use Survey123 with existing feature services—Survey123 for ArcGIS |… (Show more)
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