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Hi,   This should be an easy and quick one. I am accepting to view the related records only when I select any record from the primary table, but can't get the result. Not sure where going wrong? Is this only applicable for those Survey created by a new version?   Any suggestions would be helpful.   Thanks, Anu
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I tried to download a published survey today that is being actively used, and received the following message: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/F4951702-56DE-42F0-A204-534544DD5DF4/Documents/ArcGIS/My Surveys/d2111ba4e4d6480ca1f1afde95d2fd94/forminfo.json not found. The survey has not been edited since I initially published it, so I'm… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Is it possible to change the default naming convention of the photos collected from within the Survey123 app by using the value entered in a previous question?     Previous posts have shown me that you can manually change the photo name by typing from within the survey but I would like something more data driven to change the default settings.  … (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Click to view contentTo date, many users who require high accuracy location capture have found ways to do so with Survey123 – typically by using additional software to make the position from their external receiver output data through to their device’s internal position source. From version 3.3 onward, Survey123 can directly communicate with many external GNSS… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Hello All. I use survey123 for arcgis version3.5.164. I cant get offline map/image/basemap using tpk file appear in the map types in this version when I go offline using survey123 which is possible in the previous version. Is there any limitation for the latest update?
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I am creating forms for a forestry study. We collect the diameters of trees in a plot, among other information. I use the repeat feature for collecting tree data. We sort the trees from largest to smallest to calculate the quadratic mean diameter of the 8 biggest trees.    I am wondering if it's possible to view/sort the tree entries by… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I launch Survey123 from Collector with this url passing an objectnumber into Survey123 with the url: href="arcgis-survey123://?itemID=985fc4058b6d3dd3a491&field:OBJECTNUMBER={OBJECTNUMBER}   This OBJECTNUMBER is an integer, and is passed into a field in my survey that is of type esriFieldTypeInteger. Problem: In iOS, this integer is… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Hello,   I'm looking to filter photos taken in the field and selectively put some of them into a report. Right now, photos are acquired in a repeat, and a select_one question also in the repeat has the user select from a few different types (overall, problem, and extra). See the photo below for a look at what's going on in excel. I've filled out… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I have deployed a couple surveys to our ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1.  When filling out the survey through the web, the url is something like:   When looking at Chrome developer tools, it seems like the website is just for… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
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