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portal 16.0, create a survey to a feature in sql and share the survey with a group. Call the survey website with the redirection to the portal , login with my user and i see the survey and also print the report. Then one of the user that is in the group, go to the survey website and login and the survey is not showing. only show if i change the… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
We have a request to use Survey123 to load large PDF documents onto iPads.   Background info: This is for a large company, with many field workers using Survey123 on iPads. The PDFs are large files called Standards, that are updated quarterly and need to be downloaded. Techs are currently taking a second device to the field to complete their… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Click to view contentHi Survey Team. Today I get this message error when access the survey from web. Do anyone know what's the problem? Last week we didn't have problem
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I was testing some new surveys that are soon to be being deployed with a co-worker today and I am looking to find out if the following is expected behavior. We were using a tablet that will be a shared device used in the field. I (admin) had downloaded several surveys that are not shared to the co-worker i was working with. When i logged out of… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I have always used the following code to open a survey from a collector feature: arcgis-survey123://?itemID=91806295bb024ff6a55cfebe6e029a41 In the past, this would open the survey on my device and I could fill in information. I  have not been in the field for a few months and recently made a few changes to a survey. I checked to make sure this… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Click to view contentAs you can see below - the date format set as Day-Month-Year actually displays as Month-Day-Year. Is there any way I can get this to display as Day-Month-Year (the format used in New Zealand)? Thank you!
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Hi all!   I have a scenario where I want to users to access a survey from ArcGIS Explorer. The survey is based on a hosted feature service in and I want them to update the existing features in the FS, not create new features. In other words, not create a new feature in the hosted service.   Anyone know how I can achieve this?   My… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
I am trying to create a report for an individual record that was collected in Survey123. I created a report template a few weeks ago which was based on the "sample template" that I downloaded at that time. When created, the report template seemed to work fine.   However, now I am getting the following error: Error: Failed to parse… (Show more)
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
Click to view contentWhen I use the pulldata function in Survey 123, my survey shows the labels I have, but shows no data.  It should pull data automatically when I put the sign type in, right? What am I missing?  I attached my data csv and excel forms so you can get a better idea.  Thanks for your help!
in Survey123 for ArcGIS
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