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Hello,   I am trying to create a Guided Tour: Map Centered in the new Story Maps.  However, I can only input up to 30 locations.  When will Guided Tour support more than 30 locations on a map?  Please help!  Thank you.
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Many of the story maps in the gallery keep loading a  "504 Timeout Error" - many of them are created by the Esri team -    Am I using an old link for the gallery or are other people finding this is happening too?   please help 
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I'm wanting to use a story map as a website for public outreach and engagement with the design and implementation of a small city's general plan. Ideally, the platform would have both static, informational media content as well as a base map, or a series of base maps, that are editable by the general public. The main idea behind using a story map… (Show more)
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iFrame to embed a MS Sway document. How would I find the Sway ID  src=" YOUR SWAY ID HERE, if I use an academic institution's MS account? thanks
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StoryMap: We use StoryMaps to create educational lessons for middle and high school students. An example of one of our modules can be found here:    I'm looking for a better way to embed call and response 'quiz' questions in the mainstage or side panel.… (Show more)
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I have a free Storymaps.ArcGIS account and am using the tool to build a library exhibit online for an academic institution. Is there a way to share editing capabilities with my team, or will we each need to sign into one account individually? Thanks for the help!
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Hello all,   My name is Craig Misajet and I teach high school geography in Idaho. In my role as a teacher and as part of a master's program (and due to recent COVID-19 considerations) I have developed a Story Map which houses an entire semester's worth of content and enrichment material. This Story Map is intended for use with my freshman eastern… (Show more)
An inidividual at U. of Minnesota has created a story map in conjunction with the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes (CSKT). CSKT would like to use the basic layout and info, and add our own information to customize it to our needs for local and public educational purposes.  Is there a way to do this? thanks in advance, for any ideas! Pete#
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Hi, my name is Stacey Sowers and I am a gardener at the University of Washington. After an injury, I've been helping the Facilities GIS department to create a map of campus grounds. I am using ArcGIS Online and survey123 this year. I have some GIS experience from 10-15 years ago, but am just starting to getting back into it.   My current project… (Show more)
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