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Greetings everyone:   I would like to announce an online course that I am teaching:      **Telling Your Story using Esri Story Maps** - This course led by Joseph Kerski will enable you to understand and incorporate interactive web-based story maps to include sound, video, photographs and other multi-media in your teaching about ecoregions,… (Show more)
I'm trying to build a collaborative Map Tour with 11 collaborators. I am the Owner and sign in to ESRI through an institutional membership; they all also sign in through institutional memberships with the Publisher role. I created a Group and shared the Story Map application with them; I want them to be able to publish to the Story Map rather than… (Show more)
What would be the best way to share my student's Story Maps with their parents?  I see an option to share with our organization (which is all of their accounts) or public.  They are logged in with accounts that are not true name so there may not be an issue, but I was wondering if there was a way (such as in Google Docs) where you can share… (Show more)
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Esri Story Maps program manager, Allen Carroll, writes:   Stories are at the heart of how we communicate, and how we reinforce our social ties. They help us make sense of the world and assign meaning to the often chaotic and confusing experiences of our lives...I’ve published the first in a series of story maps that I hope will provide a few… (Show more)
Hannah Wilber writes...   Eager to make your first story map, but not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see just how easy it is to create placed-based, multimedia narratives.   Read the blog post...   > How to Make A Story Map
Bernie Szukalski writes...   Many of the ways you can use Story Maps are obvious, but others aren’t. Here’s a list of interesting things you can do with Story Maps that you might not have thought of before.    Read the blog post...   > Things you didn't know you could do with Story Maps For example The Trust for Public Land created this Story Map… (Show more)
Professor Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist at Esri, writes:   As we know, story maps have emerged as a powerful communication platform, leveraging the power of web-based GIS to tell “stories” about important connections among scientists, resource managers, and policy makers; and how combining the new medium of “intelligent Web maps” with text,… (Show more)
His pictures were uploaded into his computer and are in the correct position in the folder on his computer but when he tries to upload them into the side panel of the template, they are sideways. I've tried renaming the photo, editing the photo and no matter, it keeps uploading sideways! Any ideas on how to correct this problem? Many thanks!
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