ArcGIS Python API 1.0 Released

Blog Post created by s.kuensteresri-de-esridist Employee on Dec 20, 2016

Esri just released its brand new ArcGIS Python API!

The ArcGIS Python API lets ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise users, analysts, developers and administrators script and automate tasks ranging from performing big data analysis to content management and administration of their web GIS. The API integrates well with the Jupyter Notebook and the SciPy stack and enables academics, data scientists, and GIS analysts to share programs and reproducible research with others.

It is the Python API to your Web GIS, which could be online or on-premises. It’s powerful, modern and easy to use.

This blog gives you all the details: ArcGIS Python API 1.0 Released

Want to start right know? Go directly to the ArcGIS Python API website!