Trek2There Update

Blog Post created by MVertzonis-esristaff Employee on Apr 4, 2017

Trek2There is a smart compass that will always point to your destination.  Unlike an ordinary compass, pointing to magnetic North, this app will use your direction of travel to tell you in what direction you should go to reach your destination. If you missed the original release of Trek2There, read more about the app in the Introducing Trek2There blog article.




Trek2There has now been updated to fix a few nuisances that users have found:

  • Copy and paste on iOS devices. You can now copy from another app: a single number value, a coordinate pair, or JSON coordinates. Copying a coordinate pair or JSON is really the best choice. If you’re unsure which number goes in which field – when you choose to copy and paste a coordinate pair or JSON, you are given an option to switch them!
  • A horizontal location accuracy indicator has been added. The bulls-eye in the top right hand corner will indicate the horizontal accuracy returned from your location sensor. As your accuracy improves the inner most rings are highlighted.
  • When you are not moving, the direction arrow now has a strike-through symbol to help remind you to move.
  • The scale of Setting icon in the 'no destination set' message has been improved.
  • The Contrast button has been changed to be more visually different to the Settings button.


We have also improved Trek2Theres accessibility. If you use accessibility tools – please try Trek2There, and let us know how it works with your preferred tools. Provide your feedback in the form of issues.


Trek2There is available in the iTunes and GooglePlay app stores and is now also available for download for Windows.