Trek2There Update

02-25-2021 07:09 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Trek2There is a smart compass that will always point to your destination.  Unlike an ordinary compass, pointing to magnetic North, this app will use your direction of travel to tell you in what direction you should go to reach your destination. If you missed the original release of Trek2There, read more about the app in the Introducing Trek2There blog article.

Trek2There has now been updated to include location status features that are in some of our other apps:

  • Tap the satellite icon to see new location status data, map, and debug pages.
  • On the location status data page see current geographic coordinates, switch coordinate formats by tapping on the latitude, longitude or USNG labels, and copy paste coordinate values to from other apps.
  • On the location status map page see your current location (only if online).
  • On the location status debug page see incoming NMEA messages and choose to pause, record (to a NMEA log file) or clear messages.

Also, on Windows, connections to Bluetooth GNSS receivers are now more stable.

Get Trek2There from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store.