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my name is Sabita I am new here was wondering  if someone could help me digitize this image alittle better  
in 911 GIS
I need to map Western NC's 25 counties, and would only like them to be visible on my view.  Is there a way to do this?
in 911 GIS
I am doing a Story Map, and have uploaded 3 Layers Water, Sewer, Garbage in my content.   when I go to the story map, create a new map, My uploaded layers don't show up, even uploaded the entire shapefiles from RLIS...   I found some in ArcGis Online but then can't get the address search field to show when I view the story....
in 911 GIS
Has anyone created a file geodatabase or xml schema document that, to the extent possible, implements the full data model defined in NENA NG911 for GIS standard?    If so, I (and perhaps others) would find it hugely helpful to get access… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
I have created a model with the goal to define the projection (XY & Z) of multiple .flt files within a single folder. The model and the single Define Projection Tool works if only trying to define the XY Coordinate Systen (CS), but not both XY & Z. After the model runs through, the projection stays unknown when I define both the XY & Z Coordinate… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Good morning!    We've reinstalled ArcGIS Explorer already and the problem still persists. What could be the cause and what else can we try to fix this issue? Thank you in advance! 
in 911 GIS
Dear all, I need some help as I could not find a solution on any guide or website. I added to my Arcmap 10.7 about a hundred layers in shp coming from Qgis; these layers follow a specific order to set the right map definition and "dressing" and they are both map layers and thematic layers that add different information. Now I need to… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Hello everyone,    I was exporting some data into a separate shapefile and when I look at the attribute table some of the field names have been change. I can not change the name of the fields, however, I can change the alias. I also have different field details. Does anyone Know why this is happening?   Thanks, Reid 
in 911 GIS
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