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I am trying to merge Corine Land Cover attribute tables in such as way as to end up with a table that shows every type of land cover present in Kosovo (with area_ha, shape...and all). So that i could go to the attribute table and select the specific types of land covers, and they will appear as selected on the map. I am almost 90% certain that i… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Has anyone created a file geodatabase or xml schema document that, to the extent possible, implements the full data model defined in NENA NG911 for GIS standard?    If so, I (and perhaps others) would find it hugely helpful to get access… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
I used the add data button once to add a basemap. i must have faulted with something along the way because since then i haven't been able to do that again. When I click the add data menu, the 'add basemap' option is not selectable same as the online basemaps
in 911 GIS
After an update on the server a user must do a crt-alt-del to see the popup message, when printing, opening a table etc..
in 911 GIS
Dear ArcGIS Users,    I am an intern working for a company that is looking to expand their business. I created my suitability study using a model successfully and presented my findings using two web apps: Local perspective and  Basic View.  They have asked to add additional functionality I have yet to come across in my studies. I have been… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
In ArcMap, I tried creating a QueryLayer with query "Select Id, StartDate, EndDate... from view_viewname" but instead of setting Id as OID field it sets rest of the fields in the select query as OIDFields. Its an Oracle database where the view is residing. I dont face similar issues with sql server database.
in 911 GIS
Has anyone been able to create a customizable grid in ARCGIS pro? I used to be able to create a Township/Range Grid in arcgis, would like to be able to use this in pro.
in 911 GIS
i have just begun to use the arcgis website to create a story map and i am trying to save my story but it gives an error message that says there was an error saving my story but no details about why i can't save it.  i am also unable to change the picture that accompanies the title of my story map on the cover page. if you know what i should be… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
I'm using ArcGIS Pro to map legal descriptions of easements. Is it possible to reopen a built traverse and edit line by line? As far as I can tell, once the traverse window is closed you can't get back into an existing traverse and confirm or edit the direction or distance, but I'm really hoping I'm wrong.
Thanks to all in advance.   Simple question. We have 1 license for the Esri CityEngine Advanced Concurrent Use for Linux License version, but we want to use our Windows server as License server for the Esri products, can we do it?
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