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I am trying to join the crash data along segments and within 150 ft radius of intersections with the nearest segments. I am using Spatial Join, with roads layer, selecting "closest to it" option and "sum" as an answer to the question "How do you want the attributes to be summarized?", because I want the total count of crashes (both midblock and… (Show more)
Hello sir, Please find the attached file; found an error while I was working in model builder 'X Y  event layer' and advise me. I am not able to open the tool. Regards Farida
in 911 GIS
I am attempting to analyze and map the effects of various socio-demographic  neighborhood conditions on various crime types using ARCGIS Pro for my Capstone  in crime analysis. I would also like to incorporate a temporal aspect showing the changes over the last five years. My biggest struggle is deciding which statistical method I should use, and… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Hi All Recently I've upgraded ArcGIS Desktop on my machine - removing the 10.4.1 version, restarting the machine and installing the 10.5.1 version. I then opened my of mxd saved under 10.4 - all went well. When tried adding a toolbox created in previous version (containing several models as well as script tools, organized in 3 different tool… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
I've download the free trial of ArcPro but it will not let me login into what do I do??????
in 911 GIS
I have an application for my camera that allows me to export my track data in NMEA - I get logs with both the $GPRMC and $GPGGA sentences. I'm looking to import my track into ArcMap. I have about 60 files I need to have a look at so I'm looking for a way to take these flat files into a GPX or KML format in some kind of batch mode, rather than… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Hi  i am trying to do SJ between a buffer poly with a road layer using the Spatial Join with match options intersect or within a distance  but it keep resulting in a one part of attributes filled and the other part from the second layer empty  although both layers intersect with each other and they are within of this distance , any suggestions… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Hello,  I am having problems with geocoding a table I have to create for myself by looking up each individual address on the internet. This is for my research project in my undergraduate program.    These are the following errors I am receiving: 000622 : Failed to execute (<value>). Parameters are not valid 000732 : <value>: Dataset <value>… (Show more)
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