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IF I have a folder with to many photos and i need put it in a field (raster field) of a feature class, what tool i would use???   Not one by one, please.   I know the name of the photo should be the same to the a field, for syncronize but i don´t know the tool
I am trying to share my data with ESRI via its community sharing program. I want to able to simply create my own Server and share it that way (through a URL possibly). Is this possible? if so how?
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Has anyone created a file geodatabase or xml schema document that, to the extent possible, implements the full data model defined in NENA NG911 for GIS standard?    If so, I (and perhaps others) would find it hugely helpful to get access… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello Guys   I obtained stream order classification using the Hydrology tool . On the other hand, I have a points that represent the order of the stream from the field.   Q: Even though some points do not intersect with the stream, I would like to know if there is any method to count points that are close to the streams? Thanks for your help   
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We are involved in a statewide NENA project which will ultimately make all the 911 addressing info, minus the personal stuff, available online for maintenance (if you choose to use the online system), viewing, and analysis purposes. We have already had our data converted to the NENA standards and returned to us where it has happily sits collecting… (Show more)
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I have some photos taken from vegetation monitoring work post wildfire. I want to present these to clients integrating them into a map for that area and bring them up as pop-up for a location as we discuss the impact of wildfire in a selected polygon. How could I import these and be able to click on a point and bring up a geotagged photo?
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I am finding styles for ESRI 10x, but not for 9.3. We are using a version of a computer aided dispatch system with ESRI business partner New World Systems that still uses ESRI 9.3. We will not be upgrading to New World 11 with ESRI 10 for at least a year.
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We have been using TerraFlex recently to collect some GIS data in the field. We have also realized that TerraFlex gives us HOE for the Z values. I believe I have figured out how to get from the HOE value TerraFlex gives us to NAD83 ellipsoid height, however then when I go to do a vertical datum transformation from NAD83 to NAVD88 I keep getting… (Show more)
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I am using Arcgis 10.6. I keep running into a 050035 error when running the create TIN  tool. I am working with point masses. And my dataset does not have z values and the tag field also specifies <none>. 
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El programa ArcGis no es compatible con mi ordenador. ¿Puedo devolver la licencia y recuperar el dinero?
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