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Implementing ArcGIS

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Hi all!   Recently, we have been trying to implement a Portal for ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 instance in our infrastructure but we've stumbled in an issue with our NGINX reverse proxy service. Currently, on my Windows Server machine I can access my Portal trough the address: https://win-q0ejvg3fcqh.arcgis.local:7443/arcgis/home/index.html, but whenever… (Show more)
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Hello, I am trying to install Notebook server on a Portal server with ArcGIS Enterprise, but get an error message in the step where the docker image is imported. The script states that the image file cannot be found although it is evidently on the path provided.   Furthermore, the Notebook installation seems to have changed the machine name of… (Show more)
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Deploying Enterprise 10.7.1, I want to replace self-sign ssl from Datastore with my own CA Certificate, when I run updatesslcertificate in with power shell ow cmd(as admin) with a command:   .\updatesslcertificate.bat "mypassword" "myalias" or  updatesslcertificate.bat "mypassword" "myalias"   output return… (Show more)
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When running against ArcGIS Server in a federated environment, issue ID SS06 is raised for each service in the System folder. For context, here is the text of one of the issues:   Id Severity Property Tested Scan Results SS06 Critical System/CachingControllers service permissions Open to roles: esriAuthenticated Non-default… (Show more)
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Hi All — I was wondering if by chance anyone on here knows of a good consultant for setting up and managing ArcGIS Server on an AWS Linux instance? Plenty of windows shops out there, but we were hoping to find someone more geared towards working with Linux. Thanks!
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I am a surveyor engineer and currently work at YPFB Transporte in the engineering and construction area, we prepare maps and upload information to a corporate Geodatabase, among other activities. Until now we have only been using ArcGIS Desktop and we are wanting to learn the other platforms that Esri offers us to propose to our company. My… (Show more)
in Implementing ArcGIS
Click to view contentHi,   I would like to use numpy_financial, (which is a package ones can download here: numpy-financial · PyPI  ), in order to use the function npf.irr(). Numpy had an IRR function, but it's deprecated, and it's adviced to go on with numpy financial package. I've imported the package in my arcgis cloned environment, but apparently it doesn't… (Show more)
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Hi everyone. Which tools are recommended for testing web applications based on ESRI Web portal? Is it possible to perform penetration testing? Thank you
in Implementing ArcGIS
Click to view contentSince there were over 230 Esri staff-led workshops at the 2020 Esri International User Conference, there's a large chance that you missed out on a few that will provide value.  My focus is on the business side of GIS, and that isn't usually front and center for Esri User Conference attendees, they are usually there to get the latest on ArcGIS… (Show more)
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