What's New - Documentation Link Roundup

Blog Post created by CClaessens-esristaff Employee on Feb 9, 2017

The latest release contains lots of new goodies and new documentation on how to take advantage of them. You can check out this blog post for details, or dive into the different documentation sections linked below. 


Open Data sites now supports HTTPS for non-custom site URLs. Simply enter the HTTPS equivalent of your site’s URL. More information about HTTPS is available here.


Note: an organization administrator must log in to your Open Data app to unlock the following features for everyone.


You can now configure more than one page for each Open Data site. This allows you to better tell your story and build more complex sites. Learn how by visiting the documentation here.


Site and page sharing
Open Data now runs on the ArcGIS Online platform. All sites are now stored as items in your ArcGIS Online account. Because of this change, you can now more granularly control who can see your sites using sharing. Read up on how we improved sharing here.


Team manager
You can now manage who is able to work on Open Data sites directly in Open Data Admin. Simply visit the Team tab to get started. Read more about the Team tab here.