• Offline MMPK Support for Utility Network

    Hello,   I was hoping to get an update on support for offline MMPKs from the Utility Network. We've got a couple of projects we're working on that would really benefit from this support.   Thanks, Mike...
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  • Locator with place-name alias table not supported

    I am trying to build an address locator that support place-name lookup.  I got it all working fine in ArcMap 10.2, until I tried to share it as an address locator package.  I am getting this error message: ...
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  • Empty TileCache source doesn't throw any exception

    Hi All,   I am using compact cache "bundle" files to build basemap layer. If i pass empty folder path to TileCache constructor, SDK doesn't throw any exception and executes code successfully.   Before cons...
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  • Convert graphics to feature(shapefile)

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to create graphics and convert those graphics to features (shapefile). Users should be able to draw graphics like point/line/polygon on surface and all those graphics should be converted...
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  • GeoTiff Support

    Does the sdk have any support for creating geotiffs (or any other georeferenced raster formats) in code? I'm planning on displaying the geotiff using code from the Raster and Shapefile example, so the raster format mu...
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  • Graphic class instance from Json

    Hello,   how to create instance of Graphic class with json not with constructors with  ArcGIS Runtime SDK  100.4 ?This is possible with ArcGIS Runtime SDK version 10.2.7 but with version 100.4 it ...
    created by kireandreev
  • Controlling Text when Rotating Map

    Is it possible to have any control on how the text is rendered with map packs when the map is rotated?  Since the image is rendered at the server and the rotation is done on the client, at 180 degrees, the text i...
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  • Runtime Content Packaging

    Stop making us do this. It kills the development cycle. Let us use a .mxd and a locator without this Create Runtime Content stuff. It wastes so much valuable time.   Also when is FindTask going to be available i...
    created by hen01@henrico.us
  • Odd rendering of polygons across Date line on maps

    Hi All, I have noticed some odd rendering differences when using a GraphicsOverlay with Dynamic vs Static GraphicsRenderingMode setting with Geometries across the international date line.    I have a...
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  • Cleaning up the Local Services

    Our GIS viewer is part of a larger application. The user will invoke it using a button on the app, and later will close the GIS viewer and get back to work on something else. I've noticed that a lot of processes remai...
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  • Python scripts execution

    DEAR PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE: Here's what we've figured out so far�?� I am facing a quite interesting requirement: "run python scripts whitin an ArcGIS Runtime app". checking the concepts in the ArcGIS Resources for...
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  • Use UseAcceleratedDisplay=true with ElementHost

    Hello, I´ve working with MessageLayer, and I need set the UseAcceleratedDisplay property to true, I´ve introduced the Map control into an ElementHost because my application works with Windows Forms. When...
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  • Loading raster images into accelerated layers.

    I am having issues finding a suitable method of loading a rastered geotiff file into the accelerated layers collection.  My current method that works fine is to load the image into a ElementLayer as follows. var...
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  • The history and future of the ArcGIS SDKs for .NET

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  • Are you interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US?

    If you are interested in an Esri DevSummit in the Central US, you can help make it happen. Vote here: Where would you like to have an Esri DevSummit in the Midwest?
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  • WPF proxy authentication

    Google tells me that I'm not the only one facing this problem: we are building a WPF application using the Esri WPF API, but in order to consume REST services we have to go through a proxy.  That would be fine, e...
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  • local geometry service

    Does ArcGIS Runtime allow to embed and use a local geometry service? If yes, how? The WPF API contains a LocalGeometryService class in the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Local Namespace, and a LocalGeometryServiceTask calss in th...
  • Accelerated display limitations

    Hi, I'm aware that accelerated display still has some limitations, as mentioned here: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/runtime-wpf/concepts/index.html#//01700000006s000000#ESRI_SECTION2_0E09246D715446749A9AFE5159D...
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  • Simple Picture Marker Rotate

    Would like to rotate symbol based on attributes, any one have any ideas have not seen any angle in the Docs.  Maybe using the ControlTemplate and then just setting the rendertransform?? not sure?
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  • Should I use ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF or .NET??

    Hello fellows,   About a year ago I was involved in a project that want to develop an application with an fast, dynamic an fresh geographic view of the information. In that time we choose ArcGIS Runtime SDK for ...
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