ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt templates and Qt Creator 4.6.0

Blog Post created by ebader-esristaff Employee on Apr 18, 2018

We've identified an issue with the templates provided with the SDK installation. You'd get these added to Qt Creator if you run the post installer and select the Qt Creator option. The issue is minor. However, with Qt Creator 4.6.0, Qt Creator will crash if you attempt to create any of the templates after the first page of the template wizard.

We've fixed the templates for the upcoming Summer release (100.3) of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt.

The issue is the same for all the templates. There's a section in the wizard.json file that references an invalid index.


If you change that value to 0 or 1 it will fix the issue. If you've already run the post installer then the templates will be installed on your system. For example, on Windows, the templates are found in this path:


On Linux:


In those template directories, you can find the wizard.json file and make the updates. You'll need to restart Qt Creator after you've made the changes.

We apologize for any disruptions in your development this may have caused.




The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Development Team