Runtime 100.6 is here!

Blog Post created by NFurness-esristaff Employee on Aug 22, 2019

The latest release of the Runtime SDK for iOS is here (see the release notes, and the general announcement over on the ArcGIS Blog), and it introduces some significant new functionality that will be built upon over the next few releases.


Some key highlights include Utility Network and the Navigation API, both of which merely scratch the surface of what we have in store. See the announcement for more details.


Some highlights from the iOS perspective:

  • You should now migrate to using the Dynamic Framework if you had not already. We had previously deprecated the Static Framework and it is now not even included in the SDK installer. This is Apple's preferred approach and simplifies the integration of the Runtime into your projects. See the release notes for how to migrate over.
  • We've prepared the SDK for iOS 13's Dark Mode by ensuring that UI elements like pop-ups and the attribution bar adapt correctly.
  • We've improved 3D Scene interaction and included some configuration options.


The SDK also adds the foundations for leveraging ARKit experiences into your mobile location/GIS apps. We will shortly be releasing open source components as part of the Toolkit that build upon these foundations to make great AR integration into your apps even easier.


So, download Update 6, dive in, and let us know what you're building.