ArcGIS Runtime Toolkit for iOS v100.5 is live!

Blog Post created by MDostal-esristaff Employee on Apr 11, 2019

The latest release of the ArcGIS Runtime Toolkit for iOS is here. It has been updated to work with the 100.5 release of the Runtime SDK for iOS.
This release includes:
• New PopupController component and example; the PopupController provides a complete feature editing and collecting experience.
• New TemplatePickerViewController component and example; the TemplatePickerViewController allows the user to choose from a list of AGSFeatureTemplates, commonly used for creating a new feature.
• Fix for a TimeSlider issue when using a combination of play/pause and manual dragging.
• Project updates for Xcode 10.2


You can find the Toolkit here.


See this blog post for information on the SDK release.
We hope you enjoy the new release! Let us know what you're building with it.