• Clustering on Andoird

    Hi Mates,   I know this question has been asked earlier as well but no body seemed to have replied on that. Is there any Marker Clustering support in Android Arcgis SDK ? Is there any third party solutions ava...
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  • Error performing submit job operation for Export Cache - Android SDK- EstimateTileCacheSizeJob

    Hi,   I am using following code snippet to download basemap. But I am getting "Error performing submit job operation for Export Cache" error in vEstimateTileCacheSizeJob.addJobDoneListener(new Runnable() po...
  • No MapView.removeOnTouchListener? Causes memory leak.

    How are we supposed to remove the onTouchListener when our Activity gets destroyed?   There is a setOnTouchlistener but no remove.   Setting it to null won't work - you will throw an exception.   Thi...
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  • com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when calling ExportTiles from Android

    Hi,   This is a follow-up to my previous thread ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when doing exportTile from Android and I feel that it's better to create a new thread tha...
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  • Unable to use Token and Referer to query features table in android ArcGIS SDK

    Below is the code I'm using for setting user credentials on ServiceFeatureTable.   credential = UserCredential.createFromToken(gisToken, referer); ServiceFeatureTable featureTablePolygons = new ServiceFeatureTa...
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  • Override ImageTiledLayer shows that Mbtiles file is very slow

    Reading Mbtiles by overriding getURL, notice that the tile data is requested by callback onRequestRequired, but the callback is very slow and no longer requests data at high levels, why?   SDK Version:100.3 Dem...
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  • Rotate the map view in the direction of driving

    Hello,   how do i rotate the mapview so that the driving path always become straight to the user(like in google maps)   in esri android and ios 
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  • Prevent MapView rotation during SketchEdit?

    Using ArcGIS 100.4.0 Android SDK.   BACKGROUND I'm developing an app that does not allow map rotation. (BTW, my map is offline - loaded from a locally stored mmpk.) I'm able to achieve this by setting my M...
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  • Programmatically zoom in/out

    Using ArcGIS Android 100+... In additional to pin/pull to zoom in/out I need to provide zoom in/out buttons.   Unfortunately I'm not seeing a straight forward way to accomplish this. I'm not even sure how to de...
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  • 503 Error using ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer

    So, I am trying to show an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer in my Android app (I am using 10.2.9). I am doing it this way:   dynamicLayer = new ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(url, null, creds); dynamicLayer.setOpacit...
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  • When is it not safe to call MapView.getScale() and MapView.GetVisibleArea()?

    We get some crash reports sometimes that we don't quite understand. I understand that there are times when the MapView is not ready to return information like Scale and VisibleArea.   But how do I tell when it ...
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  • Error on Update at SYNCHRONIZE REPLICA

    Hello guys, i'm having a trouble on sending a update of a feature that i have created (the feature does not exist in SDE.DEFAULT).   I can create but can not update.   Here's my request edit  to add. ...
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  • Mix layers with Mobile Map Package layers

    I've been looking for an answer to this.    Suppose I load a Mobile Map Package.  It has layers in it.    If I do either of these things: Open the ArcgisMap and add more layers to it Take...
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  • Is Runtime SDK for Android (v100) API compatible with x86 or x64 architecture? Any Help, Manual or guideline available related to question?

    I want to convert Esri Arcgis Android runtime application to Android x86 or x64 architecture so that i can install same app on x86 or x64 architecture phones or laptop etc.
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  • Upgrading to 100.4.0 breaks build due to malformed values.xml in aar

    Upgrading to the android runtime 100.4.0 in our project we got an error stating the following: [INFO] ...\target\unpacked-libs\cea_arcgis-android_100.4.0\res\values-ar\values-ar.xml:40: error: Multiple substitutions s...
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  • Native android ArcGIS(100.3.0) token authentication

    I'm using arcGIS version 100.3.0 I'm trying to load points on arcGIS map from arcGIS server. I'm successfully able to do that but I'm not sure how to pass token to the arcGIS server with the URL_POINTS. Following is t...
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  • How can I set the coordinate system EPSG:4236 instead of EPSG:102100

    I am trying to develop an Android map app and I have two layers: a TPK layer and a WMS layer. WMS layer‘s coordinate system is “EPSG:4326”.I first add TPK layer and then request WMS service.  I ...
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  • Why is WebTiledLayer performance horrible?

    Why is WebTiledLayer being super slow on purpose?   Both I and a colleague see this problem.   Using WebTiledLayer with some custom urls.   For control group, we used World Topographic Map. Yes, I k...
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  • How to use Where clauses in labeldefinition

    I was trying out some label definitions in Android on a GraphicsOverlay static final String labelPolygon = "{" +         "\"labelExpressionInfo\": {" + // Define a labeling expressi...
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  • createContext failed: EGL_SUCCESS

    SDK Version 100.3 Android 8.1.0,level 27   This problem has been bothering us.
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