ArcGIS Runtime Toolkit for Android v100.7 is live!

Blog Post created by NFurness-esristaff Employee on Mar 6, 2020

The latest release of the ArcGIS Runtime Toolkit for Android is here. It has been updated to work with the 100.7 release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.


This release includes:

  • Support for clipping distance in ARView, which limits the data displayed to a radius around the origin camera.
  • A new BookmarkView component and example.
  • A couple of bug fixes to the Scalebar:
    • When using the Dual-unit-line style, the units are incorrectly placed and overlap one another.
    • When MapView insets are added, the right-hand inset doesn’t seem to be applied properly when the scalebar is right aligned, causing the right-hand end of the bar to be outside the view.


You can find the toolkit release here.


See this blog post for information on the SDK release.


Hope you enjoy the new release. Let us know what you're building with it.