• Number of Points within a Polygon with Arcade

    Hi,   I am trying to find the number of points that are inside a polygon and then find the amount within the polygon with a 5 mile buffer. I was able to find the number within the polygon using the following: &#...
    created by NCDJPA
  • How to estimate growth rate between same sites sampled once a week, Arcade Expressions Pop-ups in Web Map

    Dear Geogeeks, I'm trying to estimate the growth rate (kg Dry matter/ha/day) for a series of sampling sites within pastures field for cows. However, this examples may apply to anyone estimating growth rate in any fi...
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  • call GP Service with C#

    I am doing to below from JavaScript API. Passing parameters from Javascript to a GPService in ArcGIS Server   Is there a way to do the same from C# in .Net framework?  if so how?   var gpUrl = "https:...
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  • Attachments() function "Not available"

    I have a point feature layer with photos as attachments. This layer was created by uploading the zip file to ArcGIS online per the newest update. The attachments are links to my OneDrive folder. However, in both the s...
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  • Organizing layers automatically in a webmap with Python

    Hi everybody! I'v been using a python script for one year to publish automatically a webmap with a feature layer collection from ArcGIS Pro to AGOL. Everything was ok before the last update of AGOL: the polygons wer...
    created by bilgot
  • Where to search for custom toolboxes

    Hi there,    I was just wondering whether there is an online depository where developers might upload some of there custom toolboxes or python scripts? I was hoping to see what other capabilities might have...
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  • How to get minimal rectangles from building footprints using Python

    hi, i have been working on to get minimum bounding rectangles for my building polygons using python. i do get square rectangles but i need minimum rectangles to train YOLOv3. need help with it. Thanks in advance.
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  • Raster Calculator in Arcmap Desktop Python Script

    Dear All   I have a model builder in ARCMap desktop 10.5 which is executing fine. I have converted it to python script to make a batch script. But at the last step, where I am using raster calculator in model bu...
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  • ARCMAP 10.5 Python Script Error

    I have successfully created the following code which is running fine on my system (Arcmap 10.5) https://onlinegdb.com/SkvkqiWeU   This code is running fine on my system but giving following error on some other sy...
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  • How to create a line break when concatenating text in ArcGIS online Arcade?

    When concatenating strings and attributes in ArcGIS online Arcade I would like to have the output in tow line.   In python it would be something like:   "Unit " + $feature.Unit + \n +$feature.Zone_   ...
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  • Insert HTML with Arcade

    I'm trying to insert particular icons into a feature's popup based on the feature's attributes. So if the park allows dogs, I want to show a dog icon. Can Arcade insert <img> elements into the popup? I can't see...
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  • Customize operations dashboard by using my own codes instead of using only existing widgets

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I have been creating operations dashboards, but this time I am looking for a way to plugin to one of my existing dashboards;... customize it using my own codes and create my own widgets. &#...
  • Create a script to add a .CSV file, geocode it, add global IDs, and append to existing layer

    Hello,   I have been attempting to write code to expedite a process I go through daily, but have not found resources to explain all the steps.    I want to add a .CSV file to a map (Add Data) - can't ...
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  • Can I grant  privileges for geodatabase dataset stored in enterprise SQL Sever with SQL but not arcgis client or python script?

    Sir who will deal with it:   According to offical document, there are three ways to grant and revoke dataset privileges as follows: 1.Use the Privileges dialog box 2.Use the Change Privileges tool 3...
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  • MultipleRingBuffer_analysis

    Please help me with MultipleRingBuffer_analysis.  My applications needs to call arcpy python script that call MultipleRingBuffer_analysis from C# code.     I am calling this python script fi...
    created by Azghar
  • Arcade expression and different symbolization in one web layer depending on the scale

    Hello,   I would like to configure different symbology depending on the scale but using one layer. Is this possible using Arcade in ArcGIS Online? Or maybe is it possible to use  clustering for on...
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  • Portal 10.7.1 throws error with AddToDefinition endpoint in REST API

    Greetings,   I have a Portal for ArcGIS that I am trying to add a feature service to using the REST API.  So far I've had success creating the service itself.  When I try to add layers to it, I get a pe...
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  • Geocode service suggest problem when apostrophes in address

    Hi,   I encounter a problem when using the suggest method of a geocode service hosted on ArcGIS Server Enterprise v10.6.   If there is an apostrophe in the address name, the suggest method have difficultie...
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  • Accessing M-N and 1-M related table records in Portal Pop-ups

    Hello, I'm an Arcade newbie trying to modify the pop up for the parcels in a web map that serves as the basis for a Portal web application. The parcels feature layer in question has a pairing of relationship classes s...
    created by mlashendock
  • ArcMap Add-in Template is  missing in Visual Studio 2017  after installation  of  ArcObjects_SDK_for_NET_Framework_1061_163907

    I installed ArcObjects_SDK_for_NET_Framework_1061_16390 for Visual Studio 2017 professional, but I found the following problems:   The ArcMap Add-in Template (which I really need) is missing for C#, only “A...
    created by gongaimin