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Click to view contentI've just upgraded to 10.8 and ArcMap is not putting recently opened MXDs into the popup menu on the Task bar.  Normally, the last few projects I've worked on would appear in the red circled area, along with an option to add the MXD to the "pinned" list.  I expected to lose the old list from 10.7, but moving forward, nothing new is showing up… (Show more)
in ArcMap
I am using ARC GIS 10.7 and created a report to display the data collected.  I need to have a count of one field value for one column/field and can't seem to figure out how to do that in the Report Designer and in the Summary area of the Text Box.  I was able to get a total number of rows, or the total number of data collected.
in ArcMap
I have a Hydrology feature which represents all the Hydrology in my community and was tasked with calculating the miles of all the ditches. However, the lines which represent the ditches are broken into segments. This was easy enough to do by exporting the attribute table out to a dbf file and then opening the .dbf file in Access to create the… (Show more)
in ArcMap
I am working on ArcMap tutorials for YouTube and thought it'd be nice to highlight my cursor with a yellow circle. I made a custom cursor with a yellow highlight and applied it in my mouse properties. The highlighted cursor actually shows in most panels (Table of Contents, ArcCatalog, the tool bar, etc), except in the Map window. So when I move… (Show more)
in ArcMap
I'm working with ArcGIS 10.5.1, accessing an mxd file and geodatabase that are on a network server. Occasionaly the connection to the network is temporarily broken, and I get an error. When the connection is restored, unfortunately, ArcMap will not make any attempt to re-connect. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. You must close the app and lose… (Show more)
in ArcMap
I generate mailing lists quite often. I am looking to build a tool that I can query an address and run the tool to select all polygons within 300 ft of the input address, and convert to an excel table.
in ArcMap
Click to view contentHello, I'm not able to connect to the NIFS in ArcMap or ArcPro. I am signed in to my NIFC account on both. ArcPro says I need a a license. Please see screenshots below. Any help is appreciated.        Thank you!
in ArcMap
I am trying to some limitation about water and sewage infrastructure. For example I want to do  branch connection path that does not start from the main line should not be drawn. ıcan make connection about to line but ı can'n put to limitation. How I can do that?
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I, like many of you, have been working remotely for many months, and it looks like that will continue for some time.  I was surprised not to see a single "catch all" topic that helped share tips for improving the speed of work when working remotely.   Of course, the ideal is that we could do everything in a wholly online environment and have all… (Show more)
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