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Correct location raster DEM lost after rectifying (Georeferencing)

Question asked by maartenbe on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by maartenbe

When I rectify my DEM raster image after georeferencing it (I'm translating it to match another DEM) and open it again, the DEM appears somewhere below its correct possition. Yet, the rectified DEM seems to have the correct coordinate system and projection.

I do get a warning message when opening the rectified DEM that the coordinate system doesn't match the one used in the current data frame, although when I check this in properties, I does seem to be the same.

Thus, I can view the translated DEM image after it's transformation, but I would like to save it so that it can be used to derive a topographical profile from it using the 3D analyst profile toolbar.

Attached you can find a screenshot. The DEM in color is the transformed DEM which I can view. In grey scale below that you can see the rectified DEM which does not load on it's correct position (which should be on top of the color DEM).

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PS: I read the comments from the topic "Georeferenced Tiffs displaying in the wrong location & scale when updating ArcGIS 10" and checked the 'use world file to define coordinates of the raster' option on in the Arcmap options, but that doesn't seem to help.