Are the URL parameters case sensitive?

Discussion created by mobotgarden on Oct 16, 2012
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noob getting up to speed. We're running ArcGIS version 10 Enterprise server and .Net.
I created a service from an .msd file.  I want to add it to
The url appears to be case sensitive.  Would someone confirm this yes or no?

My Map -> Add -> Add layer from web -> URL: field

Mixed case this works.

Lower case it don't. Throws two errs, one - can't connect, two - layer can't be added.

A colleague tells me you have to add FeatureServer/0 at the end of the URL.
What's this do?

And I can't see everything that's in the URL field the end of it's truncated.  When I click in the box the text disappears.
So what's the complete line in the URL field?