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How to remove self intersections in polylines using ArcObjects?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by Hornbydd

I have a river network and a tool I am creating is failing because there are self intersections in the polylines that make up the river network (see attached image of a good example of a polyline with this problem, these can be less than a meter in length so very hard to spot visually, unless zoomed right in).

Now I've written some code that can go through the entire network and identify these "offending" polylines.  I use the ITopologicalOperator and ask if it IsSimple, a False tells me that the polyline has a self-intersection.

So I have a programmatic way of find these on mass but what I am unsure is how to fix these programmatically on mass. I need to remove these loops.  As they are so small a simple deletion of a vertex will resolve this (don't care which one) and I have been doing that manually. I want to automate this but I can't figure out how to resolve it in ArcObjects. Has anyone tried to do this and willing to share their technique?