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Features not displayed in arcmap

Question asked by mikl on Sep 20, 2012
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I've a stand alone application which is used to place polygon features on a map.
These features are stored in a personal geodatabase.
The problem is that some features are displayed when they are created but when the document is saved and closed, they are no more displayed neither in the application nor in arcmap.

The geodatabase is joined to this post. It contains a feature class with 6 features created the same way.
2 (OID 3 and 6) are displayed correctly and the others are not.
All the features appeared in the attribute table.

In arcmap, if I edit vertex of a feature not display, the feature appears but when I save the edit session, the feature disapear after refreshing the display.

I tried to export the feature class to a shape file (in arccatalog) and the features of the shapefile are displayed correctly and strangely, the features of the geodatabase are then displayed!!!

It will be very usefull if someone has an idea of what causes the problem and how to solve it.