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Conditional Rules

Question asked by obrjo181 on Aug 12, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by MBuehler-esristaff
Is it possible and if so how can you create a case function which would say something like:

attr steps = "#FFFFFF"  //have shown this as colour but actually want to have steps as a  //recursion extruding away from the BaseSide if possible.  BaseVolume -->      comp(f) {side : BaseSide(comp.index) | bottom : NIL | top : extrude(height - Roof_Height) Mass }    BaseSide (myIndex) --> case myIndex == 3 && >= 1.5:                                       split(x) {~1: color(grey) | 1.5 : color(steps) | ~1 color(grey)}                else : color(grey)

This currently isn't working but would love it to! I've attached a screenshot of one of my doors, although of course every building which has a BaseSide would have different heights below the door hence I'd love to work out using the recursion rule here too since then it could decide how many steps are needed.

I've also been trying to work out if there is a better way of assigning where the door goes but at the moment all I can come up with is telling it to put the door on wall number three, where ever that might be.

Ultimately it'd be so nice to be able to select a wall manually and then say right I'd like to use this code on this wall but that code on the others but I don't believe this is possible...