Topo to Raster Batch Process question (Python newbie)

Discussion created by andywinngis on Jul 9, 2012
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I've searched and researched and sampled but I'm hitting the wall here.

I'm trying to run Topo to Raster on 500+ inputs (topo contours and lake boundaries). I've tried to follow samples and examples in books and I think my workflow is going in the right direction but I'm getting an error, and hoping that someone can find my mistake. I've got all of the files in one directory and I defined my variables with a wildcard which is where I think my problem is but I'm not sure how to define the variable. For example the topo line feature is made up of  519 seperate files that have the naming convention "topo_ras_input_topoSection1","topo_ras_input_topoSection2" The lakes boundary file have a similar naming convention: "topo_ras_input_watersecSection1".

After I defined my variables I then list all of the feature classes and then use a for statement to start iterating through the list, I really should end up with 519 rasters as output but I'm not sure how to specify that either.

My code (I use that term loosely) is attached. Thanks in advance for your help.