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Is there a way to delay validation of tool parameters?

Question asked by epsimpson on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by epsimpson
Hi everyone.  I am new to these forums, new to ModelBuilder, and pretty new to ArcGIS as well.  I am an experienced programmer, including object oriented languages, so for the most part I am able to psych out the ArcGIS tools for use in ModelBuilder.  Here is a problem which has eluded me.

My model includes this section:


The Natural Neighbor tool requires a Z Value Field as input.  Unfortunately the model doesn???t know what fields are available until the Project tool has run.   When I run within ModelBuilder there is no problem, since the model doesn???t check the validity of the Z Value Field entry until it is ready to run Natural Neighbor, by which time the projected feature class exists to validate it.  When run as a tool, the model checks the validity of the Natural Neighbor Z Value Field value up front, before the Project tool has run, so the model fails to run.  Is there a way when running a model as a tool to delay validation of tool parameters such as this Z Value Field until the specific tool is ready to run?