Editing joined featureclass via REST API

Discussion created by drabrun on Jul 30, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by lcardoso
I have 2 feature classes in an MXD. I make the MXD into a featureservice/mapservice. I can query either feature class and edit either featureclass via the rest api.

Now I join one of the feature classes to the other. When I attempt to edit the original feature class, the only value available in the fields page is the objectid, hence all of the attributes i try to pass in through the rest api are ignored.

Is this a bug?

Data Example :

Blocks - ID, Name
Hydrant - ID, BlockID, Name

I Join Hydrant to Blocks so now when i query Hydrant the following fields are available:
Hydrant.ID, Hyrdrant.blockid, Hydrant.Name, Block.ID, Block.Name
This is available in the mapservice.
However in the featuresevice, only objectid is shown as a field.