Creating vector features from marker symbols on a jpg file?

Discussion created by francescafernandez on Apr 20, 2012
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Using this map which is (sadly) only available to me as a jpeg, I'd like to render each of the distinct features (ie. mined areas, lifted areas, cleared areas, incident points, and - if possible - confrontation lines) as separate shapefiles/layers in ArcMap 10. Short of manually plotting each individual dot and line - which does not strike me as particularly time-efficient nor accurate - is there any other way of achieving this?

Given that I'm a GIS novice, please feel free to overstate the obvious in your replies ;) ...

Also, I've heard that scripting is an option but seeing as I have 48 hours to complete this, and only basic GIS experience under my belt, I'm not sure how feasible that would be. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance guys!

(NB. I've also posted this message on the 'Map Automation' and 'Education' boards as I wasn't sure where it would be most appropriate, so Mods please feel free to redirect.)