Spatial join tool vs. right-click spatial join producing different results?

Discussion created by deleted-user-dp61qRbKUaMp on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by nahmed-esristaff
Apologies in advance for the simple question...

I have a point feature class and a polygon feature class.
For each point, I'd like to simply a field based on the polygon that contains them.  This should just be a simple spatial join, no?

When I do the join by right-clicking on the point layer etc etc it seems to work ok.
However, when I do the join via the Spatial Join tool, something strange happens.  Each polygon appears to only be joined to one point.  That is, the fields of the polygon appear null.  Yet, the JOIN_FID field suggest the point was joined to a polygon.  The highlighted feature in the attached image shows this.


I don't suppose anyone can explain what I'm doing wrong?

I need to perform this with Python code, so that's why I was hoping to do the join via the toolbox.  If anyone knows how to access the "right-click join" via Python, that could also solve my problem.  Regardless, it would still be nice to understand what's going on here.