ArcGIS 10: ESRI Tutorial-Executing tools in ModelBuilder. How to save a new mode?l

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Feb 22, 2012
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Hi all,

I am new in using ModelBuilder in ArcGIS 10 and I need very basic stuff/tutorials of ModelBuilder to get myself a good understanding of doing ModelBuilder.  I did search on the ???Help??? menu and found 2 tutorials (Executing tools in ModelBuilder and Creating tools with ModelBuilder).   I followed the instructions of the ???Executing tools in ModelBuilder??? tutorial (see the attached file) to pick up the basic stuff of ModelBuilder in ArcGIS 10.  I managed to complete the Steps 1 & 2 of 6-Running the model.  I had to leave my desk to attend a long meeting. So I thought I need to save the model for future use.  I went to see 7-Saving a model (see the last page of the attached file) and I could not find  the ???New Toolbox??? icon in the ???Save??? tool.    I kept loosing the models I created, if I don???t save them.   Please kindly help and tell me how to rename and then save the new models (with tbx extension) I created in the ???ModelBuilder??? Save tool (i.e. I want the new models (with tbx extension) renamed and then saved in the "red" Toolbox/trunk).

Scott Chang