Image service display errors

Discussion created by koeh0017 on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by koeh0017
I posted about this in the silverlight forum, but digging a little deeper revealed issues in the REST request...

I have a single band integer raster with negative values and nodata.

When I export the image directly through the Rest API web interface, two things are apparent, 1) export type of PNG does not honor the value I set for nodata to be transparent and 2) The only type that does work is tiff and when exported to tiff, I get erroneous output for some of the negative value pixels in the output. Sample from Rest export attached. Forum won't let me upload tiff, but png equivalent attached. The white areas in the image are supposed to be negative values in the range of -800 and 0. The entire range of values is about -800 to 6000. Why are some negative values not returned correctly from the rest request?

Any help would be appreciated.