Problem doing a iteration with AddField and CalculateField -> save Results in Table

Discussion created by patflo on Jan 18, 2012
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Hello i have a problem doing a iteration in my model:

The Model adds a field(called Leistung) in an attributetable and then calculates the value for this field. Afterwards i make a Ascii File(could also be another filetype) to save the Table with the added field. This calculated value is the Energy produced of a Photovoltaic Panel in one hour. Since i need to do this for more hours (and days and years) i want to have one file at the end where i have all the calculated values saved (and not one file for every hour). i dont know how to do this, can somebody help me or give me a hint?

in the picture i posted my model and the calculatfield statement.

btw. Im using ArcGis 9.3.

thanks in advance for your help