How to change the color of a layer in ArcMap using C#

Discussion created by bslater1 on Nov 23, 2011
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Hi everyone, I am a beginner and a student working on project for a class assignment.  The basic gist of it is that I need to create a button in C# that will perform the basic function of changing some colors of layers on my map based on the conditions that I will specify in my code. 

I know how to use the wizard in Visual Studio to create the button itself, and I feel that I can get the code written to specify when a certain layer should be changed, but I am stuck on how get the button to actually change the color of the layer once the conditions are met that require it to be changed. 

For example.  I will write code to say: "when 'x' variable is greater than 10, change 'y' layer in my .mxd file to blue from red.

I am attaching a screenshot of a map of the US in ArcMap, and I will want the button to change state colors in the map.

So, in short, when I have the map pulled up in ArcMap, I need to create a button in C# that when pressed will  select a layer in the map (corresponding to California for example), and change it's color from red to green.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.