Losing Field Length on Integer Value when Performing Clip Function

Discussion created by kbw on Sep 29, 2011
I am working with two polygon feature shapefiles. Polygon A is large and must be clipped to Polygon B which is small, relatively. Prior to the clip, the area of Polygon A is calculated. So, a new field is created as a long integer data type with zero precision in Polygon A's attribute table. If the area value calculated is 8 digits long (i.e. 16483254), after the clip operation, the same field and record location will lose a digit and read an area value of 7 digits (i.e. 1648325). Am I doing something wrong? Why do I lose a digit in my area value?

I have attached a screen capture of the attribute tables of Polygon A (called all_blocks) and then Polygon A clipped (called all_blocks_clip).

Details on sub operations:
- Area calculated by Coordinate System of the data frame and in sq. feet.
- Polygon A is populated with many attributes that have the data types:Object ID, Geometry, Double and Text