Network Attribute Data Types in the GUI

Discussion created by asevtsuk on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by asevtsuk

I am trying to make a GUI for a tool that takes the network "Impedance Value" as a value that is 'obtained' from the inputted Network Dataset. That is, I would like to have the "Impedance Value" field in the GUI check what cost attributes the given input network has available, and restrict the options from a drop-down to only those cost attributes. This exact actions is available, for instance, in the "Make OD Cost Matrix Layer" tool,"Make Route Layer" tool and other NA tools.

I am unable, however, to figure out what the input parameter field 'data type' needs to be for that to happen. There is no 'Network Attribute' data type offered in the tool properties dialog box. Unfortunately cannot see what 'data type' other NA tools use for the "Impedance Value" field. Help!