Complex EID's and SubID's are not stable ID's to determine connectivity with.

08-31-2011 05:54 AM
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I have an issue in which I am processing a complex edge feature type.  When multiple parts are defined in the same Object (object ID), and need to be relocated/re-associated for determining if the sub element (sub ID) changed, both the EID and SubID appear to be un-guaranteed in properly identifying the previous component(s).

Before change:
  FID=1, OID=10: SubID's = 1,2  EID = 1001, 1002

After a change (where the change was to move the location of the shared point between the two connecting lines, leaving the two end points as they were),
  FID=1, OID=10: SubID's = 3,4 EID's = 2001, 2002

Currently, the only way I can relocate the two components is by comparing their end point coordinates which works, but does not allow me to differentiate between a simple end point change and the deletion and recreation of a new element in the place of a previous element.

Finally, my question:
Is there a better way to re-locate the subcomponents within a complex edge given that the subID's appear not to be normalized?

FYI: I'm having this issue on ArcView/ArcObjects 9.3.

Thanks in advance,
Greg Stangler
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