Schema issues when appending from XY Event Layer

Discussion created by roy_hewitt on Aug 17, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2011 by roy_hewitt
1.  I have an excel table of GPS points that I'm importing into ArcMap with Make XY Event Layer. 
2.  Next I'm copying features to disk temporarily to create an OID field. 
3.  Then I'm clipping the points within my area of interest to disreguard any points where the GPS function shoot off a point in South America.
4.  Finally I'm appending the points to a shapefile for all of the camera points (we have 6 different cameras going into the field everyday)

The problem that i'm having is I can't get the schemas to match up from the clipped points.  I've copied down the schema by hand, gone in and altered the schema in the target dataset without any luck (the TEST parameter returns an error, and the NO TEST parameter leaves the fields empty).  With NO TEST selected, there are no drop downs for the fields in the target dataset indicating which fields might match up.

What can I do to get a proper schema to match up??