Error 00075 Input Features Value is Required

Discussion created by pvitt on Aug 4, 2011
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Hi - I've got a python script that takes four points and makes a shapefile.  I've put the script inside a model and want it to provide the input to a Minimum Bounding Geometry Tool.  I've created a derived output parameter in the script that provides the input, but I get the subject error when I run the model -- the part of my code where I try to generate the output parameter is:

ptFile = gp.CreateFeatureClass_management(outFolder, outFile, "Point", "#", "#", "#", sr)
arcpy.SetParameterasText(0, ptFile)

the script runs fine on its own, and creates a shapefile, but somehow this output parameter is not getting passed to the Minimum Bounding Geometry Tool

Attached is a screen shot of my model
Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?