Modelbuilder element connection problems

Discussion created by BillWinston on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by Hornbydd

I am having a frustrating problem.  I want to create a model that uses Network Analyst to create a service area, buffer the resultant lines and create a new FC.  My problem is making the necessary connection between the tools.  When I try to connect the "line" feature layer from the service area dataset, I sometimes get the tool to connect and sometimes it won't.  The system always returns an error when I run it saying the the input to the buffer tool must be a feature layer.  I have tried to convert the line layer into a feature layer using 'copy features' and 'make feature layer" but this does not work.  Any suggestions? 
BTW, I am regularly confronting issues where the data type I have is not the data type my next tool needs, what is the best way to attack that problem?