Snapping problem causes wrong network dataset creation

Discussion created by eboboti on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2011 by jborgion
Dear colleagues,

I am facing a problem that I cannot solve and would like to ask you for any ideas.

I want to create a network dataset from digitized road features. I digitized the features myself from a scanned map making use of the snapping option in the Editor.
However the nodes of my edges do not snap properly to the other edges. They appear to be snapping correctly at first but when I zoom in, there is still a gap (see attached picture: [ATTACH]7553[/ATTACH]). Thus in the network dataset edges do not get properly connected either.

Now I've tried a way to get around that which was not successful:
It seems the snapping is connected to the XY Tolerance which one can set, when creating a feature data set. By default the tolerance is set to 0.001 meters. So below 1 mm distance coordinates are considered to be equal. Hence the snapping goes somewhat wrong. There is always 1 mm distance between the node and the edge like in the picture.

So I changed the XY Tolerance to 0 in the feature data set. Then I used the Integrate tool on the road features with a tolerance of 0.002. Now all the nodes which were 1mm appart from the edges now appear to have snapped to the edges. However much I zoom in now, I cannot see a gap any more. Nevertheless the network dataset generation still does go wrong. There still seems to be a tiny little gap between the nodes and the edges.

My question is now. Is there a way to set an XY Tolerance for the network dataset generation or is there a way to snap the nodes correctly to the edges?

Any suggestion is appreciated!

Thank you so much.