Directions Window and Microsoft Virtual Earth Extension

07-01-2011 02:33 PM
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I am playing around with Network Analyst, trying to produce premade driving directions.  Ideally, it would be the directions window (with maps) saved as an html file.

If I use the streets that come with the Arcview package, the little map boxes in the directions window only show the route itself, nothing else...just a white background.  I really would like a background with the streets etc.

I tried doing the same thing; however, next I used the bing maps extension (where you just have an image of the streets).  When I create the directions window, now the little map boxes in the directions window have a background that is perfect for what I need.  The problem is that when I attempt to save the directions window (with maps), it takes forever.  I have never bothered to let it finish to see if it actually works or not as it is taking way to long. 

Does anybody have any idea on an alternative method for getting some kind of background on those small maps in the directions window that will still be able to be saved?

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