Mysterious File Lock stopping Iteration in Model Builder

Discussion created by chris.blinn799 on Apr 10, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2013 by eunsu.lee

I am trying to iterate through a shapefile, by making a selection of features, copying the features (to create a separate file), convert to raster, identify the null values, use raster calculator to change the values around in the raster and store it in an output folder. 

The iteration starts to run, gets through about 20 of 400+ iterations and then ends, with an error stating one of my rasters that needs to be overwritten is locked.  No other applications are opened on my computer, no additional windows are opened in arcmap, so I am lost.  Plus, if the file is locked, how did the first 20 or so iterations run just fine?  Every time I try to run it again, the error occurs at a different iteration count, so it is not the same selection causing the error.

Hope I explained the issue appropriately and someone can help.  Thank you in advance!