"Null z value/empty geometry" error when reconciling

Discussion created by narsdani on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by JMcGinley-esristaff
Our shop of 6 editors on a versioned SDE instance on a SQL Server 2005 database has been increasingly running into times when reconciling fails and getting a "null Z values/empty geometry" error message (screen shot attached). Up until today, it's happened on small edits so it's been easier to just delete the version and redo the edit than to try and track down the problem. But now I've run a process that took all weekend and come back to find this error when I tried to reconcile the version containing the results.

It occurred to me recently that I believe that this started happening only after we put our parcel fabric into production in this same geodatabase. Since I think the fabric is the only feature class that we have that's Z-aware, this makes some sense. Anyone else have any experience with this?  Regardless of the cause, is there a way to fix this?