iso cluster unsupervised classification ArcGIS 10 Windows XP

Discussion created by njennings on Feb 15, 2011
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I was attempting to run the iso cluster unsupervised classification routine in Arc10, SP1, Windows XP.  I have a small 6 band landsat image subset (~1 Mb) Imagine file that I am using as an input.  I choose 10 classes to be created, create an output Imagine file to c:\temp, and take the defaults and create a spectral signature file.  All are going to c:\temp.  The iso cluster unsupervised classification bombs.  If I import the image to a file geodatabase, and use the file geodatabase image as the input it works, even if I choose to create an Imagine file output.  It looks like my input file cannot be a file based image format (Imagine, TIF, etc).  In the results tab, it looks like the process does not seem to create the output file or the .GSG file.

If I do the same operation on Arc10 in Windows 7, 32 bit,  I can run both an Imagine file or a file geodatabase raster data set as the input.

I don't know if this is a bug or something else going on.  Any insight would be appreciated.
File is attached.

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